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Follow Through Services


Follow Through Services is a contemporary phrase for old-fashioned care, which Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home has been offering for three generations. This concept focuses on two areas of community needs. Primarily, public education, through the maintenance of a current comprehensive library, referral service, speaker’s bureau, various support groups and general education of funeral, death, and grief related issues. The additional focus is directed specifically to individual families who have experienced a loss of someone who was loved. The Coordinator of Follow Through Services visits the family some time following the actual funeral or memorial service. The Coordinator is trained to determine additional needs in the areas of emotional support, common adjustment details and in assessing the services rendered by the funeral home. Further, the Coordinator brings a wealth of resource information, which has proved beneficial to families.

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Kelly M. Larger is the Coordinator of our exclusive Follow Through Service program. Kelly possesses a compassion, knowledge, and desire to favorably affect those who have experienced the loss of someone who was loved.

Michael Yannucci states "It is a plus for Piqua and our firm to have Kelly's experience in emotional support readily accessible". Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home has always displayed active support of community education along with ongoing care of the families they serve. "Having Kelly coordinating our efforts will expand and enhance the ability of our firm to respond to the increasing needs of the Piqua area", Yannucci stated. "Larger possesses the empathy, dedication and compassion consistent with the standards set by our firm."


Provided by Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home

Spring Support Group

Tuesdays 5:30-7:30

March 5, 12, 19, 16

April 2

Women's Spring Floral Event

Wed. May 16th 6:00

Men's Outing

To Be Announced

Fall Support Group

Tuesdays 5:30-7:30

Sept. 3,10,17,24

Oct. 1

Holiday Program

Saturday 1-2

November 16th

@ Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home

333 W. High St.

 Support Tips

Be there

Your presence is important, especially in the weeks and months following the funeral. Say less. Be there more.

Be a good listener

Grieving people need to tell their stories. Ask if it is OK to bring up the person who died (I'll bet you get a resounding YES and a "thank you" for being willing to step beyond the "zone of silence" that frequently surrounds a grieving person). Learn about "reflective listening" that focuses on listening, acknowledging and exploring before responding. Ask open-ended questions or comments that encourage a grieving person to talk, such as "Do you feel like talking?," or "You seem like you're having a tough day today..." or "You've been on my mind today, and I just thought I'd call to see how you're doing."

Be careful with cliches and advice

It is better to be a "sounding board" and assist a grieving person in coming to his/her own conclusions.

Don't tell a grieving person what he/she should feel.

Share memories of the deceased.

Remember holidays, birthdays, and important anniversaries (including the date of death)

Show you care by calling, sending a card, or visiting with a grieving person - acknowledge that these may be extra painful times.

Learn about death and grieving

At Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home, we offer a wide variety of helpful resources and referrals from our Follow Through Services Coordinator, Kelly Larger. We provide this extension of our service without charge.

Bear in mind that grief has no time table

Every death is different and everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. Grieving people need our support, not timetables.

Grieving people must sometimes be reminded of the need to care for their physical selves

Adequate nutrition and hydration (lots of water) can easily be omitted by a person consumed with the pain of grieving.

Include children, but do not force participation

A child old enough to love is old enough to grieve.

Tears are a good thing!

Beyond the mental benefits of releasing emotions, medical studies confirm the physiological benefits of crying.

Consider the need for consultation with a professional counselor

Sometimes, grief is so overwhelming that professional intervention is necessary.

On-Site Library

Our Library contains many books, videos, periodicals, and other educational material. Ours is a comfortable setting for one to sit and review the material or you may check out items to take with you. Occasionally, individuals want to obtain a copy of items in the Library and we facilitate their request. The topics span various areas of interest including:

  • Funeral customs
  • Many unique grief situations
  • The grieving process
  • Spiritual perspectives
  • Child to young adult assistance
  • Funeral Related Topics
  • Inspirational
  • Creating meaningful funerals
  • Pet loss
  • Emotional and physical support

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